Orvis Hydros Reel

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The improved Hydros reel is faster, lighter, and boasts useful new features!

  • Available in two colorways — matte black with silver accents and matte silver with charcoal accents.
  • Features a refined and lightweight large arbor wheel.
  • Designed with a fully sealed drag clutch bearing.
  • Orvis removed any unneeded materials to create a lighter, more comfortable reel.

With a more comfortable and easier to use drag knob that boasts zero startup inertia, this new reel will make fishing feel like a true joy. If you want a reel that has faster retrieval with less line coiling, this is the real for you. When you’re searching for fly fishing reels for sale, Unicoi Outfitters has an excellent selection from the brands you trust. Order online or stop by either of our fly shops today!

  • Hydros I for line weights 1-3; 4.7 oz, 3.1” in diameter
  • Hydros II for line weights 3-5; 5.0 oz, 3.4” in diameter
  • Hydros III for line weights 5-7; 5.5 oz, 3.7” in diameter
  • Hydros IV for line weights 7-9; 6.6 oz, 4” in diameter
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