Orvis Helios 3F Fly Rod

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  • When you need a rod that is lightweight and accurate, the Helios 3F Orvis fly rod is a great choice!
  • This rod is built to reduce the variables at play during a cast for better accuracy.
  • Perfect for dry fly fishing in tricky waters.

Orvis is one of the most trusted brands of rods in fly fishing for a reason. They are consistently improving upon their products, even as other companies try to catch up. If you are looking for a rod that will allow you to fish waters full of smart fish that won’t tolerate big splashy casts, the Helios 3F is an excellent option that will help you land the fish you’re chasing. Order yours from Unicoi Outfitters today!

  • Available in several different lengths.
  • Available in several different weights.
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