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ClearShield-HD is an exciting new finish for popper builders and conventional lure makers.

The vast majority of epoxies that are available on the open market are NOT designed as coatings. Most are designed as ADHESIVES or as LAMINATING RESINS. Neither one was formulated for direct exposure to the elements...mainly UV exposure.  Adhesives are designed to be "hidden" in a glue joint, so it doesn't matter if they discolor under UV exposure. Laminating Resins like what are used in boat building, are designed to be painted over with urethane or gelcoat to protect them from breakdown under UV exposure.  Our chemistry is similar in viscosity to that of a laminating resin,  but with UV inhibitors that prolong the breakdown under exposure to UV/heat. The fact of the matter is ALL epoxies will eventually turn yellow to varying's just an artifact of the chemistry of the Part B Hardener side. However one can take steps to "prolong" the inevitable. I see many guys using 5 minute epoxies like Loctite and  
Devcon and BSI. BAD IDEA. These were designed as adhesives and will discolor VERY quickly. Additionally they are NOT waterproof (only water resistant).

So, the main difference in our formula is that its actually designed as a "clear coat" to be exposed to the elements, rather than an adhesive or laminating resin designed to be painted over or hidden in a glue joint. It handles very much like an oil based paint,, and can be applied in very thin coats unlike many of the other formulas on the market.

ClearShield-HD is a two part finish that is mixed in a 2:1 ratio, and each kit includes syringes for accurate measurement.

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