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  • Xink is now 29 years old!
  • It may well be the most revolutionary invention in Fly-Fishing since the discovery of "the hook.”
  • This product will eliminate the majority of the lead used in nymphs and wet fly patterns throughout the world if only everyone started using it.
  • Gehrke’s XINK® is the only patented Fly Sink in the world. All other products are plagiarized from other industrial sources including the use of common soap.
  • Gehrke’s XINK® is amazing because it is wetter than water without washing off, which was, until invented by George Gehrke, a chemical impossibility.

    Gehrke’s XINK® is simple to use. Before one gets their streamer or wet fly "wet”, simply dress it with a very little amount Gehrke’s XINK®. That wet fly is then condemned to sink forever.
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